48th Annual Scientific Meeting of the
European Society for Clinical Investigation

Utrecht, The Netherlands
30 April – 3 May 2014

During the Annual Scientific Meeting the 5 poster awards were given to:

I. Moshkovits
Y.S. Sabogal Piñeros (absent during the Poster Prize Award Ceremony, Saturday 3 May)
D. Győri
R.J. de Jong
I. Marques-Aleixo

I. Moshkovits, Y. Ziv-Haberman, L.A. Denson, C. Varol & A. Munitz
(Tel-Aviv, Israel; Cincinnati, USA)
CMRF-35-like-molecule-1/CD300f Expressing Eosinophils Crucially Amplify the Development of Colitis

Y.S. Sabogal Piñeros, A. Dijkhuis, S.M. Bal & R. Lutter
(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Can human eosinophils phagocytose and degrade respiratory viruses?

D. Győri,”D. Csete, S. Kulkarni, S. Benkő, P. Mandl, C. Dobó-Nagy, B. Vanhaesebroeck, L. Stephens, P.T. Hawkins & A. Mócsai
(Budapest, Hungary; Cambridge, the United Kingdom; Debrecen, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; London, the United Kingdom)
The phosphoinositide-3-kinase isoform PI3Kβ regulates osteoclast-mediated bone resorption

R.J. de Jong, M. Drechsler  & O. Soehnlein
(Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Munich, Germany)
The Annexin A1-Formyl Peptide Receptor 2 axis is protective in atherosclerosis

I. Marques-Aleixo, E. Santos-Alves, M.M. Balça, P.I. Moreira, P.J. Oliveira, J. Magalhães & A. Ascensão
(Porto, Portugal; Coimbra, Portugal)
Physical exercise modulates brain cortex and cerebellum mitochondrial OXPHOS, redox status, apoptotic signaling, mitochondrial dynamic and auto(mito)phagy