42nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the
European Society for Clinical Investigation

Geneva, Switzerland
26 – 29 March 2008

Congress venue:
Uni-Mail University Building (main entrance)
Boulevard du Pont d’Arve 40
CH-1204 Geneva

Access to the Uni-Mail:

Scientific Programme

You can find the programme schedule here. (.doc – 80kb)

I  Plenary Lectures – abstracts

  • Gene therapy for chronic granulomatous disease: Past, present and hope for the future
    Mary C. Dinauer (Indianapolis, IN, USA)
  • Mechanisms of pathologic bone resorption: Pathology teaches physiology
    Steve R. Goldring (New York, NY, USA)
  • Diabetes – when insulin is trapped in the secretory granule
    Patrik Rorsman (Oxford, UK)
  • Electrophysiological consequences of replacement fibrosis as a modifier of the vulnerable substrate for atrial fibrillation
    José Jalife (Syracuse, NY, USA)
  • Nuclear hormone receptors: transcription factors linking lipid metabolism and immunity
    László Nagy (Debrecen, Hungary)
    ESCI Award winner 2008
  • Neurovascular link in health and disease
    Peter Carmeliet (Leuven, Belgium)

II Workshops

1. Atherosclerosisabstracts

  • endothelial dysfunction / hypertension
  • leukocyte transmigration
  • inflammation and plaque instability
  • smooth muscle cells, extracellular matrix and stenosis

Organizers: M.L. Bochaton-Piallat, B.R. Kwak (both Geneva, Switzerland) – programme

2. Biology of the cardiomyocytesabstracts

  • cardiovascular risk (combined with ws 4)
  • myocardial hyperthophy, failure and cardioprotection
  • conduction and arrhythmias (educational session)

Organizers: C. Montessuit (Geneva, Switzerland), E. Raddatz (Lausanne, Switzerland) – programme

3. Oncology, hemostasis and thrombosisabstracts

  • oncology
  • platelets and thrombosis (educational session)
  • pathophysiology of thrombosis (educational session)
  • coagulation and its relationship with inflammation

Organizers: A. Angelillo-Scherrer (Lausanne, Switzerland), D. Borgel (Chatenay Malabry, France) – programme

4. Metabolic disordersabstracts

  • cardiovascular risk (combined with ws 2)
  • lipotoxicity and tissue dysfunctions

Organizers: P. Maechler (Geneva, Switzerland), Z. Yang (Fribourg, Switzerland), F. Negro (Geneva, Switzerland), E. Bugianesi (Torino, Italy) – programme

5. Clinical research in Switzerland

Organizer: F. Mach (Geneva, Switzerland) – programme

6. Update on endothelin-related diseasesabstracts

Organizers: W. Kirch, D. Pittrow (both Dresden, Germany) – programme

7. Phagocyte biologyabstracts

  • inflammation
  • signalling
  • cell dynamics / phagocytosis
  • trafficking / imaging
  • killing mechanisms

Organizers: N. Demaurex (Geneva, Switzerland), M. Wymann (Basel, Switzerland) – programme

III Subspeciality Poster Sessions

You can find the 2008 poster instructions here (.doc – 44k).

Poster viewing will be possible during coffee breaks and at lunchtime from Thursday 27 April to Saturday 29 March.

Poster Awards: the four best posters (including workshop abstracts/posters) will be awarded the Poster Award 2008 to the amount of EURO 250 per poster. The presentation of the poster awards is scheduled for Friday, 28 March 2008, 15.00 – 15.15 hrs, immediately following the ESCI Award winning lecture.