40th Annual Scientific Meeting of the
European Society for Clinical Investigation

Prague, Czech Republic
15 –18 March 2006

Scientific Programme

You can find the programme schedule here.

I Plenary Lectures

Clinical use of estrogen receptor beta
J.A. Gustafsson – Huddinge, Sweden

New biology of pheochromocytoma: Implications for its pathogenesis, diagnosis, and localization
K. Pacak – Bethesda, MD, USAAbstract

Cell survival factors in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
S. Greenberg – New York, USAAbstract

Mitochondrial function in insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus
M.D. Roden – Vienna, Austria – ESCI Award winner 2006 – Abstract

Glucocorticoid signalling turns stochastic: expanding clinical implications to complex human disorders
G.P. Chrousos – Athens, GreeceAbstract

II Highlights of medical science for clinical specialists

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On Friday and Saturday state-of-the-art lectures will be presented by renown international scientists explaining important developments in medical science that have a high impact on clinical medicine. The audiences are clinicians and scientists who like to know what is the clinical relevance of fundamental discoveries. (invited lectures only)

Metabolic syndrome and the evidence for increased cardiovascular risk
F.L. Visseren – Utrecht, The Netherlands

Genetic iron overload disorders: from mechanisms of disease to clinical implications
J.J.M. Marx – Utrecht, The NetherlandsAbstract

The role of macrophages in acute lung failure
J. Penninger – Vienna, Austria

How to investigate the brain function in clinical hypertension and in anti-hypertension drug research
A. Semplicini – Padova, ItalyAbstract

Perspectives in diabetes research for clinical medicine
J. Škrha – Prague, Czech RepublicAbstract

New insights into the regulation of iron homeostasis
W.H. Hörl – Vienna, Austria

Erythropoietin: from anemia correction to tissue protection
J. Rossert – Paris, FranceAbstract

Impact of laboratory medicine on clinical benefit
T. Zima – Prague, Czech RepublicAbstract

Mechanisms of physiological and pathological liver cell proliferation: potential clinical highlights implications in the future
P. Stärkel – Brussels, BelgiumAbstract

New avenues to correct chronic granulomatous disease: Is stem cell or gene therapy the solution?
R. Seger – Zurich, SwitzerlandAbstract

Stem cells and repair of the heart: biology, clinical translation and controversy
J. Martin – London, UK

III Workshops

Phagocyte biology in the age of molecular genetics
A. Mocsai (Budapest, Hungary), D. Roos (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Click here to view the Phagocyte web site.
New perspectives in the treatment of autoimmunity
T. Fuc
íková (Prague, Czech Republic) Programme
The role of immunoadjuvant in prophylaxis and therapy
K. Mašek (Prague, Czech Republic), F. Audibert (Paris, France) Programme
Liposomes – carriers for drug targeting, construction of synthetic and genetic vaccines, and non-viral vectors for gene therapy
J. Turánek (Brno, Czech Republic) Programme
Biodegradable polymer carrier systems for anticancer drugs
B. Říhová (Prague, Czech Republic) Programme
Gastrointestinal oncology
M. Zavoral (Prague, Czech Republic) Programme
Factors influencing bile production and their importance in pathogenesis of gallstone disease and cholestasis
L. Vitek (Prague, Czech Republic), A. Žák (Prague, Czech Republic) Programme
New trends in metabolic syndrome
J. Škrha (Prague, Czech Republic) Programme
Polyunsaturated fatty acids – their significance in pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases, tumours and metabolic disorders
A. Žák (Prague, Czech Republic), O. Hänninen (Kuopio, Finland) Programme
Gaseous signaling in health and diseases
P. Martasek (Prague, Czech Republic), H. Farghali (Prague, Czech Republic) Programme
New perspectives in the treatment of endothelin-related diseases
W. Kirch (Dresden, Germany), D. Pittrow (Dresden, Germany) Programme
Health for all: reality or impossible dream
P. Horák (Prague, Czech, Republic), J. Švihovec (Prague, Czech Republic) Programme
Prevention – a new field in endocrinology and metabolism
C. Bamberger (Hamburg, Germany), A.M. Bamberger (Hamburg, Germany), H.M. Schulte (Hamburg, Germany) Programme

IV Subspeciality Poster Sessions

Cardiovascular Medicine
Endocrinology, Diabetology and Metabolism
Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Haematology and Oncology
Immunology and Rheumatology
Nephrology and Hypertension
Neurology and Neurobiology
Osteoporosis and Bone Metabolism
Respiratory Medicine
Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Poster viewing will be possible during coffee breaks and at lunchtime from Thursday 16 March until Saturday 18 March. The poster viewing and discussion at site is scheduled for Friday afternoon 17 March 2006. No workshops will be organized then.Poster Awards: the four best posters (including workshop abstracts/posters) will be awarded the Poster Award 2006 to the amount of EURO 250 per poster.