Thursday 3 April 2003
Organizer A.E. Pontiroli (Milano, Italy)
Sponsors Merck Pharma

Insulin resistance

Session I Allostasis and homeostasis in type 2 diabetes Abstract No.
Chairs S. Del Prato (Pisa, Italy) & E. Trischitta (Roma, Italy)
9.40 – 10.00 Allostasis: what it is and why it mattersD. Goldstein (Bethesda, USA)
10.00 – 10.20 Genomics and Allostasis: an Overview
A. Turco (Verona, Italy)
10.20 – 10.40 Allostasis: a paradigm for impaired glucose regulation and type 2 diabetes
M. Stumvoll (Tubingen, Germany)
10.40 – 11.00 Therapeutic implications of allostasis in type 2 diabetes
P.A. Tataranni (Phoenix, USA)
11.00 – 11.15 General discussion
11.15 – 11.30 coffee break
Session II Insulin resistance and atherosclerosis
Chairs M. Muggeo (Verona, Italy) & A. Pontiroli (Milano, Italy) Abstract No.
11.30 – 11.45 Vascular insulin action and resistance
R.C. Bonadonna (Verona, Italy)
11.45 – 12.05 From the genome to the plaque: is insulin resistance a right track?
L.C. Groop (Malmö, Sweden)
12.05 – 12.25 Insulin resistance, inflammation and atherosclerosis
J. Yudkin (London, UK)
12.25 – 12.45 Treating insulin resistance to stop atherosclerosis: pharmacological tools
E. Bonora (Verona, Italy)
12.45 – 13.00 General discussion
13.00 End of workshop


The anti-oxidant substances N-acetyl-L-cysteine and superoxide dismutase do not restore platelet sensitivity to nitric oxide in obesity
G. Anfossi, I. Russo, P. Massucco, L. Mattiello, and M. Trovati (Orbassano (Turin), Italy)

Diabetes mellitus is associated with differential effects on plasma cholesteryl ester transfer protein and phospholipid transfer protein activities and concentrations
R. de Vries, T. Van Gent, S.E. Borggreve, M. Ito, W.J. Sluiter, G.M. Dallinga, H. Hattori, A. van Tol, and R.P.F. Dullaart (Groningen, The Netherlands/ Rotterdam, The Netherlands/Saitama, Japan )

Insulin increases the expression of L-arginine transporters in human fetal endothelium through activation of p42/44mapk and protein kinase C
M. González, and L. Sobrevia (Concepcion, Chile)

Variables associated with insulin resistance in non diabetic normal pregnancy
G. Seghieri (Pistoia, Italy)