Friday, 12 April 2002


K. Mašek (Prague, Czech Republic)
J.W. Hadden (Tampa, USA)

Immunopharmacology of life-threatening diseases: insight into the new millennium

Session I

Abstract no
Chair K. Mašek (Prague, Czech Republic)
J.W. Hadden (Tampa, USA)
9.30 – 9.55 New approaches in the treatment of some viral diseases: the antiviral compound with immuno-modulatory property
K. Mašek (Prague, Czech Republic)
9.55 – 10.20 Effective immunotherapy of head and neck cancer
J.W. Hadden (Tampa, USA)
10.20 – 10.45 Preventive and curative vaccination strategies
F. Audibert (Paris, France)
10.45 – 11.15 coffee break  
11.15 – 11.40 Can immunomodulators play a role in preventive and therapeutic measures against infectious biological syndrome
K.N. Masihi (Berlin, Germany)
11.40 – 11.55 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for chronic systemic infections in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
E. Van Hoof, D. Coomans, P. De Becker, K. De Meirleir, and R. Cluydts (Brussels, Belgium / Australia)
11.55 – 12.10 Hepatocytes growth factor is a marker of liver injury in chronic hepatitis C
K. Zwirska-Korczala, A.P. Dziambor, A. Wiczkowski, A. Berdowska, A. Sitkiewicz, and M. Kukla (Zabrze, Poland)
12.10 – 12.25 APO-1/Fas and bcl-2 serum concentration in myasthenia gravis patients
D. Czyzewski, J. Wojtacha, K. Zwirska-Korczala, and J. Dobosz (Zabrze, Poland)
12.30 discussion  
12.30 end of workshop 9