50th Annual Scientific Meeting of the
European Society for Clinical Investigation
Paris, France
27-29 April 2016


General information

  • The deadline for abstract submission is 15 January 2016 / 23:59 hrs.
  • All abstracts must be submitted in the English language through the website link below.
  • The instructions for abstract format and layout must be followed carefully and strictly. If your abstract is not submitted in the right format it will not be accepted.
  • Acceptance/rejection notifications will be e-mailed on 31 January 2016.
  • If your abstract is accepted, it will only be published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation after receipt of your registration fee.

Instructions for abstract format and layout

  1. Abstracts are limited to a maximum of 275 words, not including title, authors’ names and affiliation.
  2. The abstract must be written in Word 2010 or a newer version, Times New Roman, 11 pitch, single space.
  3. The entire title must be in bold and clearly indicate the nature of the investigation. Abbreviations are not to be used in the title.
  4. The authors’ names must consist of initials, followed by the surname (OMIT degrees, titles, appointments and street address). The name of the presenting author must be underlined.
  5. Author affiliations must be footnoted using the following symbols in that order (which should be used as superscripts): *, †, ‡, §, ⊥, ¶.
  6. The affiliation must be in italic and must include the name of the country.
  7. The following headings must be used: Background:, Materials and methods:, Results: and Conclusions:‘ in bold, including the colon.
  8. Each heading must start on a new line, without indentation.
  9. No blank lines between title and text, paragraphs and headings.
  10. The Background has to consist of a brief statement of the purpose of the study (preferably one sentence).
  11. The Materials and methods must consist of a brief statement of the methods used.
  12. The Results must be presented in sufficient detail to support the conclusions. Simple graphs or tables may be included, but must be brief and should have a title.
  13. The Conclusions must consist of a statement of the conclusions reached. (It is not permitted to state “The results will be discussed” or “Other data will be presented” etc.).
  14. Only standard abbreviations are to be used in the text and they must be defined by being placed in parentheses immediately after the full word or phrase is mentioned for the first time.
  15. Numerals are to be used for numbers except when beginning a sentence.
  16. Non-proprietary (generic) names are to be used the first time a drug is mentioned and the proprietary name should be underlined e.g. captopril (Capoten).

Please use strictly the format shown below in the example:

Involvement of Mitochondrial Apoptosis-inducing Factor in Doxorubicin-induced Cardiotoxicity

A.C. Moreira*, A.F. Branco*, S.F. Sampaio*, T. Cunha-Oliveira*, T.R. Martins*, J. Holy, P.J. Oliveira* & V.A. Sardão*

*CNC, Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra, Portugal; Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Minnesota, Medical School-Duluth, Duluth, MN, USA; Department of Life Sciences, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Background: Antioxidants and caspase inhibitors often show little efficacy in preventing cardiomyocyte death resulting from the anti-neoplastic Doxorubicin (DOX). We hypothesize….
Materials and methods:……..

Acceptance of your abstract will oblige you to present your work at the Annual Scientific Meeting

A couple of abstracts will be selected for a short oral presentation of 10 or 15 minutes in the workshops.

Closed for abstract submission: 15 January 2016 / 23:59 hrs.