Friday, 16 April 2004
Saturday, 17 April 2004
Organisers N. Georgiou (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
G. Kontoghiorghes (Limassol, Cyprus)
A. Kolnagou (Limassol, Cyprus)
Sponsors Apotex Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
Thalassaemia International Federation (Nicosia, Cyprus)
European Iron Club
International Bioiron Society
Associazione per la Ricerca “Piera Cutino” (Italy)
Schwarz Pharma (Monheim, Germany)

Oral iron chelators in the treatment of thalassaemias and other diseases
ICOC workshop

Session I Advances in the treatment of iron overload with deferiprone, deferoxamine and their combination Friday morning
Chairs R. Galanello (Cagliari, Italy)
G. Fiorelli (Milan, Italy)
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08.30 – 08.50 Combined long-term oral and parenteral iron chelation
R. Origa, C. Dessì, E. Defraia, M.G. Crobu, G.B. Leoni, P.P. Muroni, P. Bina, and R. Galanello (Cagliari, Italy)
08.50 – 09.10 Comparison between monotherapy and combined iron chelation therapy in thalassaemic patients
S. Fragatou, C. Richardson, and C. Politis (Athens, Greece)
09.10 – 09.30 New approach to iron chelation therapy using effective deferiprone therapy or combination with deferoxamine
A. Kolnagou, and G. J. Kontoghiorghes (Limassol, Cyprus)
09.30 – 09.50 Deferiprone in patients with ß-thalassemia major for four years in the Chinese population in Taiwan
C.T. Peng, K.H. Wu, C.C. Tsai, and C.H. Tsai (Taichung, Taiwan)
09.50 – 10.10 Long-term study of the toxicity of deferiprone in iron-loaded and naive monkeys: impact of divided daily dosing
J. Connelly, J. Yang, F. Tricta, and M. Spino (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
10.10 – 11.15 coffee break + plenary lecture
Session II NTBI measurements in thalassaemia
Chairs G. Kontoghiorghes (Limassol, Cyprus)
A. Kolnagou (Paphos, Cyprus)
11.30 – 11.50 NTBI values in thalassemia patients on combined chelation (DFO+L1) or on monotherapy (DFO or L1)
A. Meo, M.A. LaRosa, L.Zanghì, L. Duca, I. Nava, and M.D. Cappellini (Milan, Italy)
11.50 – 12.10 Results of an international round robin for serum Non Transferrin-Bound Iron measurements
E.M.G. Jacobs, W. Breuer, Z.I. Cabantchik, P.J. Evans, E.H.J.M. Jansen, R.C. Hider, D.Y. Liu, B. Scheiber, B. Sturm, K. Jauhiainen, L. von Bonsdorff, J.C.M. Hendriks, L.J.H. van Tits, and D.W. Swinkels (Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Jerusalem, Israel; London, UK; Bilthoven, The Netherlands; Vienna, Austria; Helsinki, Finland)
Session III Synthesis, pharmacology and status of iron chelators in development
12.10 – 12.30 Pharmacodynamics of repeat dose oral administration of GT56-252 in iron-loaded Cebus monkeys
M.P. Bree, J.L. Wagner, J. Bell, and J.K. Marquis (Waltham, MA, USA; Homestead, FL, USA )
12.30 – 12.50 The safety and pharmacokinetics of GT56-252, a novel orally available iron chelator
J.M. Donovan, P.A. Palmer, M.A. Plone, and B. Wonke (Waltham, MA, USA; Berkshire, UK; London, UK)
12.50 – 13.10 Development of the new oral chelators ICL670, L1NAll and GT56-252 and comparison with the iron chelating drugs deferiprone and deferoxamine
G.J. Kontoghiorghes, K. Pattichis, K. Neocleous, and A. Kolnagou (Limassol, Cyprus)
13.10 – 14.45 lunch / poster viewing / exhibition + ESCI Award lecture
Session IV ICOC selected poster presentations Friday afternoon
Chairs B.S. van Asbeck (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
C. De Luca (Rome, Italy)
15.00 – 15.10 Hydroxyurea for thalassemia intermedia: a one center experience
A. Mancuso, P. Rigano, D. Renda, V. Di Salvo, M.C. Renda, and A. Maggio (Palermo, Italy)
15.10 – 15.20 Non-Transferrin-Bound-Iron in subjects with normal transferrin saturation
D.L. van der A, N.A. Georgiou, J.H. van Kats-Renaud, J.J.M. Marx, D.E. Grobbee, and Y.T. van der Schouw (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
15.20 – 15.30 Non-Transferrin Bound Iron alters adhesion of human monocytes to human vascular endothelium under shear stress
A.E.R. Kartikasari, N.A. Georgiou, S. van Mullekom, F.L.J. Visseren, H. van Kats-Renaud, B.S. van Asbeck, and J.J.M. Marx (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
15.30 – 15.40 Comparison of MRI T2 and MRI T2* in the diagnosis of cardiac iron load in thalassaemia patients
C. Economides, E. Eracleous, D. Yazman, A. Kolnagou, and G.J. Kontoghiorghes (Limassol, Cyprus)
15.40 – 15.50 How relevant are serum ferritin levels and MRI T2* for assessing cardiac iron load in thalassaemia
A. Kolnagou, D. Yazman, C. Economides, E. Eracleous, and G.J. Kontoghiorghes ( Paphos, Limassol, Cyprus; Nicosia, Turkish Cyprus)
15.50 – 16.00 Flavonoids of Garcinia kola seeds inhibited Fe/ ascorbate- induced oxidation of human LDL in vitro: a comparative study
O.A. Adaramoye, E.O. Farombi, E.O. Adeyemi, and G.O. Emerole (Ibadan, Al Ain, Nigeria)
16.40 end of session
Session V Iron metabolism in thalassaemias and other diseases Saturday morning
Chairs D.R. Richardson (Sydney, Australia)
B. Scheiber-Mojdehkar (Vienna, Austria)
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08.30 – 08.50 Novel di-2-pyridyl-derived iron chelators with marked and selective anti-tumor activity: in vitro and in vivo assessment
J. Yuan, D.B. Lovejoy, and D.R. Richardson (Sydney, Australia)
08.50 – 09.10 Iron chelators overcome N-Myc repression of NDRG1 in neuroblastoma cells
L.A Castelnoble, N.T.V. Le, and D.R. Richardson (Sydney, Australia)
09.10 – 09.30 Potent iron chelators but not the DNA-damaging agent, actinomycin D, markedly up-regulate the metastasis suppressor gene, NDRG1
N.T.V. Le, and D.R. Richardson (Sydney, Australia)
09.30 – 09.50 Unexpected effects of Antimycin A on iron metabolism
B. Scheiber-Mojdehkar, B. Sturm, T. Twaroch, B. Knapitsch, S. Czingraber, D. Staribacher, and H. Goldenberg (Vienna, Austria)
09.50 – 10.10 Diagnosis of aceruloplasminemia: a pediatric case
F. Longo, A. Piga, F. Marletto, S. Bosio, and C. Camaschella (Turin, Italy)
10.00 – 11.15 coffee break + plenary lecture
Session VI Free radicals in biology and medicine: the role of antioxidants
Chairs L. Korkina (Moscow, Russia)
N.A. Georgiou (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
11.30 – 11.50 The effect of deferiprone on essential elements level and parameters of oxidative stress in experiment in rats
V. Eybl, D. Kotyzova, and M. Bludovska (Pilsen, Czech Republic)
11.50 – 12.10 Pro-/antioxidant formulations enhance antiviral defences in herpes simplex (type II) and zoster (type III) recurrent diseases: a controlled clinical-laboratory study
L. Korkina, Z. Kharaeva, A. Luci, and C. De Luca (Moscow, Russia; Nal’chik, Russia; Rome, Italy)
12.10 – 12.30 Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study of a pro-/antioxidant formulation in recurrent viral warts
C. De Luca, A. Luci, I. Deeva, I. Trakhtman, and L. Korkina (Rome, Italy; Moscow, Russia)
Session VII Iron chelation therapy outcome: role of hereditary hemochromatosis
12.30 – 12.50 Iron chelation treatment: role of iron metabolism genes
M.C. Renda, A. Giambona, F. Leto, A. Morabito, D. Renda, G. D’Amico, E. D’Alcamo, A. Santoro, G. Cammarata, L. Gerace, A. Rizzo, and A. Maggio (Palermo, Milan, Monza, Italy)
12.50 – 13.00 discussion
13.00 – 14.00 lunch / poster viewing / exhibition
Session VIII Future strategies and developments in iron chelation Saturday afternoon
Chair Z.I. Cabantchik (Jerusalem, Israel)
J.J.M. Marx (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
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14.00 – 14.40 Methods of assessing iron overload: Time for reappraisal
M. Spino, J. Connelly, and F. Tricta (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
14.40 – 15.20 Redox activity of plasma non-transferrin bound iron (NTBI) and its susceptibility to chelation during oral cheation therapy
P. Pootrakul, W. Breuer, P. Sirunkapracha, M. Sametband, C. Hershko, and Z.I. Cabantchik (Salaya, Thailand; Jerusalem, Israel)
15.20 – 15.40 Announcement of the 15th ICOC
C.T. Peng (Taichung, Taiwan) and G.J. Kontoghiorghes (Limassol, Cyprus)
15.40 end of workshop
Effect of iron on monocyte attachment to microorganism-infected human endothelial cells
N.A. Georgiou, A.E. R. Kartikasari, M.C. de Geest, J.J.M. Bouwman, F.L. J. Visseren, B.S. van Asbeck, and J.J. M. Marx (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Progression of chronic active hepatitis to liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma in a thalassaemic patient with low iron stores: a case report
C. Politis, S. Fragatou, and G. Koskinas (Athens, Greece)
Genetic modifiers of iron overload in H63D carriers: preliminary data
P. Delbini, M.D. Cappellini, L. Duca, I. Nava, and G. Fiorelli (Milan, Italy)
Genetic regulation of iron uptake and transfer in the mynah bird
A. Mete, F. van Asten, G.M. Dorrestein, J.E. van Dijk, and J.J.M. Marx (Utrecht, The Netherlands)