Society for Free Radical Research (SFRR) – ESCI Workshop

Friday 4 April 2003

Organizer A. Tomasi (Modena, Italy)

Free radicals, oxidative stress and inflammation

Session I
Chair A. Tomasi (Modena, Italy) Abstract No.
15.00 – 15.20 Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species: efficient, selective and interactive signals during intercellular induction of apoptosis
G. Bauer (Freiburg, Germany)
15.20 – 15.40 Glycation products, protein oxidation and chronic inflammation in the uremic syndrome
F. Galli (Perugia, Italy)
15.40 – 16.00 Oxidative stress during hemodialysis
T. Ozben, E. Dursun, G. Süleymanlar, B. Dursun, and G. Yakupoglu (Antalya, Turkey)
16.00 – 16.15 Nitric oxide and hypotension in haemodialysis patients
A. Iannone, P. Manfredini, E. Bellei, S. Bergamini, C. Rota, L. Vandelli, A. Albertazzi, and A. Tomasi (Modena, Italy)
16.15 – 16.30 coffee break
Session II
Chair Frank Kelly (London, UK) Abstract No.
16.30 – 16.50 Hepatic microvascular dysfunction induced by ischemia-reperfusion injury: protective effect of preconditioning
J.C. Cutrìn (Turin, Italy)
16.50 – 17.10 Effect of redox equilibrium modulation in rat acute lung inflammation
E. Ghelfi, F. Driss, C. Pasquier, and A. Tomasi (Modena, Italy)
17.10 – 17.40 Air pollution and lung inflammation
F.J. Kelly (London, UK)
17.40 – 18.00 General discussion
18.00 End of workshop


Relationship of erythrocyte electron transfer process with metabolic energy efficiency and body-mass index in healthy and diabetes mellitus
E. Matteucci, F. Fagnani, I. Evangelista, and O. Giampietro (Pisa, Italy)

Intracellular oxidation by human glioma cell populations: effect of essential fatty acids
H.A. Leaver, C. Smith, and I.R. Whittle (Edinburgh, UK)

Increase of permeability of Blood-Brain Barrier as compensatory mechanism for decrease of endotoxicosis at ischemic stroke
N.Y. Shcharbina, A.R. Gavrilova, N.I. Nechipurenko, and V.B. Gavrilov (Minsk, Belarus)

Markers of oxidative stress and antioxidant status in hemodialysis patients
A. Stefanska, G. Sypniewska, and J. Manitius (Bydgoszcz, Poland)

Selective activation of Ha-Ras is responsible for free radicals generation by scleroderma skin fibroblasts
S. Svegliati, R. Cancello, A. Di Carlo, P. Paroncini, M.M. Luchetti, P. Manjlingova, E. Avvedimento, and A. Gabrielli (Ancona, Italy)

Diabetes and muscle wasting: regulatory effect of dehydroepiandrosterone
M. Aragno, R. Mastrocola, M. Catalano, S. Betteto, O. Danni, and G. Boccuzzi (Turin, Italy)

Evaluation of rat liver damage after extended cold preservation by UW and Celsior
M. Vairetti, A. Ferrigno, P. Griffini, R. Bertone, P. Richelmi, F. Bertè, and I. Freitas (Pavia, Italy)

Cytoprotective effects of anthocyanins and phenolic fractions of boysenberry and blackcurrent on dopamine-induced oxidative stress in COS-7 cells
D.K. Ghosh, D. Fisher, J.A. Joseph, and T. McGhie (Palmerston North, New Zealand/Boston, USA)

Correlation between hypercholesterolemia, oxidative stress and soluble vascular cell adhesion molecules in patients without coronary artery disease
A. Malinverno, D. Gritti, P.G. Prosperini, D. Culacciati, C. Gasparetto, R. Malinverni and G. Ricevuti (Pavia, Italy)

Protective role of a-phenyl-N-t-butylnitrone against ionizing radiation in U937 cells and mice
J.H. Lee, and J.W. Park (Taegu, Korea)

Intensity of lipid peroxidation processes and membrane protein destruction at gastroduodenal diseases
D. Shcharbin and V. Mazhul (Minsk, Belarus)

Phosphorescent analysis of proteins of transparent and cataractal human lens tissue in situ
V. Mazhul, E. Zaitseva, D. Schcarbin, A. Chekina, and O. Holub (Minsk, Belarus)

Progression of cisplatin-induced organ toxicity in carnitine-depleted rat model
M.M. Sayed-Ahmed, M.A. Eissa, S.A. Kenawy, M.M. El-Merzabani, and A.M Osman (Cairo, Egypt)