49th Annual Scientific Meeting of the
European Society for Clinical Investigation
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
27 – 30 May 2015


During the Annual Scientific Meeting, the 6 poster awards were given to:

D. van Osch et al.
K. Santos et al.
S.K. Fassl et al.
M. Relloso et al.
D.E. Comandașu et al.
R.A. Nagy et al.

Intraoperative High-Dose Dexamethasone in Cardiac Surgery and the Risk of Postoperative Bleeding Related Complications
D. van Osch, J.M. Dieleman, H.M. Nathoe, M.P. Boasson, J. Kluin, J.J. Bunge, A.P. Nierich, P.M. Rosseel, J.M. van der Maaten, J. Hofland, J.C. Diephuis, F. de Lange, C. Boer, D. van Dijk & DExamethasone for Cardiac Surgery (DECS) study group
(Utrecht, The Netherlands; Zwolle, The Netherlands; Breda, The Netherlands; Groningen, The Netherlands; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Enschede, The Netherlands; Leeuwarden, The Netherlands; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

New paradigms in anticancer combined therapy: Targeting dietary antioxidants to mitochondria
K. Santos, J. Teixeira, R. Amorim, F. Cagide, F. Borges & P.J.Oliveira
(Coimbra, Portugal; Porto, Portugal)

Pyrin and PSTPIP1, mutated in FMF, PAPA-, and PAMI syndrome, are involved in the hypersecretion of alarmins MRP8/14
S.K. Fassl, D. Holzinger, T. Vogl, M. Gattorno, A. Omenetti, J.J. Chae, I. Aksentijevich, J. Roth & J. Austermann
(Münster, Germany; Genova, Italy;(Bethesda, USA)

Sex hormones coordinate neutrophils immunity in the lower female reproductive tract by controlling chemokine gradients
S. Lasarte, R. Samaniego, M.L. Salinas-Muñoz, E. Mercader, L.A. Weiss, M. Pion, P. Sanchez-Mateos, A. Hidalgo, M.A. Muñoz-Fernandez & M. Relloso
(Madrid, Spain)

Adverse fetal metabolic phenotyope programming induced by maternal obesity – a new concept
D.E. Comandașu, E. Brătilă, R. Stănculescu, M.M. Cârstoiu, D. Miricescu, D. Lixandru, B. Vîrgolici & M. Mohora
(Bucharest, Romania)

Presence of bile acids in human follicular fluid and their relation with embryo development in modified natural cycle in vitro fertilisation
R.A. Nagy, A.P.A. van Montfoort, A. Dikkers, J. van Echten-Arends, I. Homminga, J.A. Land, A. Hoek & U.J.F. Tietge
(Groningen, The Netherlands; Maastricht, The Netherlands)